I am going to blog…

Since everything I should be doing (working) is down, apparently the internet gods really don’t want me to work!

Etsy is going great, and I am loving it! I am selling like crazy, and hoping to soon start a second shop with handmade goods!

I finished the Cassandra Clare books and am now onto (no judging) the Secret Circle trilogy by L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries), which will take me all of a few days, but they are a fun read! I am LOVING, seriously LOVING having time to read again!

In other news, the DUCKS are back to kicking ass, fall TV starts soon, I wore boots for the 1st time this season and have had several pumpkin spice lattes!

I can’t wait for fall to be in full swing – I was looking at the calender today and we don’t have one free weekend until after New Year’s, which is exciting! Our plans for fall/winter are duck games, bdays, traveling to duck games & to see family, coast trips, holidays and more duck games!! ❤


Summer 2011 in a nutshell

I partied

I ended an era of those crazy nights at Taylors

I graduated 🙂

I celebrated in VEGAS

I spent a week on the Cali coast 🙂


&& saw the best show ever there!

I went to VEGAS again!

&& partied another night away on top of the world at the PALMS

&& danced my a$$ off at RAIN at the PALMS

I moved back to the 541 and partied some more!

&& I saw Eric Church and had another great year at the Lane County Fair with the hubby, went to the coast for our 4th wedding anni, started my own Etsy business and finally stopped stressing about every little thing in life!

Summer 07 (married & honeymoon) & Summer 11 (grad & let loose) will be hard to beat!

It’s here!


While we lost our Season Opener to LSU, I am still excited for this season & I have faith in my boys!

Summers may be fun, but this is what it is all about!

Puddles ❤

&& of course GO HAWKS!

While I love summer & the heat, fall really is the BEST TIME OF YEAR! I love football, even if the ducks aren’t playing, I love having football on the TV. I love fall clothes, boots, holiday drinks/food and the cool crisp air. I love all the festivities with football, halloween, harvest & thanksgiving! Here’s to the best time of the year!


Anniversary fun <3

Two weekends ago we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We decided to go to the coast, nothing to extreme for our vacays, but a place we both love and never get sick of. After a week in LA, and 2 weekends in Vegas this summer, we wanted to do something in Oregon before the summer ended. I love the entire OR coast, each town has its own special thing, but my favorite is Seaside, and Shaun had never been to Astoria so we started our adventure up north, ending up in Florence to head home! We had a lot of fun and got to experience some old favs and some new really cool things!

Perfect day in Seaside

Seaside feeling like SoCal 🙂

Shipwreck at Fort Stevens

Old Battery Russell at Fort Stevens

Astoria Column (Astoria is a mini SF while Seaside is a mini Santa Monica)

Sunset from the column

Day 2 - Aquarium in Newport 🙂

4 years married, 6 years strong!

We love our little getaways together – I am so thankful to have the love of my life and best friend by my side to share these memories with! 

New things!

A little more than a month ago, we got some of the best but bittersweet news we have ever had – Shaun got a great job with great benefits, a great starting salary and in exactly the field he wants – catcher, it was back in Eugene. While this was a no brainer (I would do anything for him to get his foot in the door in IT especially in this economy), I was very sad to leave Ptown already, we really did go up and fall in love with everything but the job market there. So back down to Eugene we are, BUT we still have our ptown waterfront apartment until December due to our lease, so we get weekends there a lot & after that we will still visit like crazy! 

After a whirlwind move of the necessities to Eugene, Shaun started work, loves it and is doing great! This job is such a blessing to us and I love hearing him come home every night and talk about it. That is Shaun… now as for me, we decided that I did not need to just go out and find an office job or anything like that just to have a job. Shaun is really supportive of me going back for a Masters degree and really wants to make it easier for me with not having the stress of a job I hate. So….. I decided to start by working at my mom’s shop to pay back some debt/gain some fun money while I get everything set for going back to school. While doing that, I decided to set up an Etsy store for her thinking it would be my little side project, well I was so WRONG, but in a good way – it has become way more than a side project, and in just two weeks I have brought in well over $500, which may not sound like a lot, but I am selling just fabric and I thought it would make like $30 a week. So Etsy has become my baby, my life and full time project – I am also getting ready to open up my own crafting Etsy focusing on Oregon Duck crafts, holiday decor and more! I am LOVING being back into crafting and being able to not worry about pleasing a corporation. Everyday I wake up and look forward to doing my job, instead of dreading it. It took awhile, but I have finally learned that the corporate/agency life is just not for me, and I am 100% okay with that! 

While Etsy does take up a lot of my time, I am still planning on getting a Masters, but it will take a year or two to get everything ready to go back. I need a ton of volunteer hours in classrooms, state tests and a few prereqs that I did not get with my Bachelors degree. Currently, I am also working towards the volunteering – next week I will be starting to volunteer four days a week in middle/high school literature, reading and language arts classrooms, I am soooooo excited & lucky to have this opportunity right off the bat. Next, I will be studying for the state tests and going back to finish the prereqs – it is going to take some time to get back in, but I am okay with that, and would rather take my time. People have been asking, why did I even go get a degree and not just do the kid/business thing earlier? Well there are several reasons; I had no IDEA what I wanted to do in life, I mean ya of course I would rather stay home/shop and craft, but we were never in a position where I could do that and now we are – I still love the Journalism/Communications/PR field and I feel that I learned more than how to do PR/Ad work, I learned so much more about the world/life/communications, which is important to any career choice – teaching has always been in the back of my mind so I need a Bachelors anyway and didn’t need it in teaching – I feel that college prepared me for the real world and without it, I would not be writing any of this. 

Lastly, WE WANT KIDS! After thinking about every detail of our lives, where we are now and where we are headed, we feel like we are ready, so we are trying. Both of our baby/kid fevers are crazy – we go shopping for baby stuff and we aren’t preggo yet! Every time we see kids we get this look and know that is us in a few years! So… me working for myself/crafting and working towards a Masters at my own pace is a perfect fit and I really for once am happy with the now and not trying to hurry and get it over with and move on to the next thing like I have done all my life && for once the hubby is happy with his career and where we are in life as well.