This week was busy as always, but Thursday and Friday were amazing. Friday was my 24th bday, but what matters most was Thursday night!

My ducks started slow at home vs. CAL for the 1st night game of the year (I love the Autzen lights), but exploded in the 2nd half and dominated CAL again! Not only were we there of course, but on the 30/40 yd line row 7, happy bday to me! However, there was one horrible moment, and no not when CAL was ahead by 1, but when our beloved LMJ went down, his arm looked mangled and he was clearly in more pain than one should be in. Not only did we see it about 200 yards away, but we had to watch it over and over on the GIANT duckvision screen, not knowing if he was ok. It was the worst and most heartbreaking 5 mins yet. The crowd was in utter silence, a rarity for Autzen, and then the chanting WE LOVE LAMICHAEL started. I was in tears, scared and the entire crowd was an emotional mess. Luckily our ducks kept it together and finished strong, proving that while LMJ is our best asset, we can still play. Hopefully reports are true and it is just a dislocation, because God knows we NEED him for Stanford.

The uniforms were AMAZING, and have created a lot of hype around town, inspiring a classic/modern throwback look and a line of limited edition collectors line. 

My hubby loves me 😉 Part of my bday presents 🙂

Friday I woke up to lots of presents, texts, messages and a wall of FB posts – I feel so loved! I got duck slippers, furry slippers, boots, LV wallet/clutch, sweaters, make up and a TON of duck stuff! Friday shaun met me for lunch on his break at Chili’s and then took me shopping, I went to work for awhile and then we went out to dinner and up to Skinner’s Butte to see the “city” lights. That may sound cliche, and I know it is the druggie hangout, trust me I have had my share of times in HS up there, but luckily there were no crazies and we got to enjoy the “city” lights, so go ahead and judge, but it is so pretty and serene.

It has been a great past few days, gearing up for fall, celebrating DUCK wins and bdays. I love that we get to do it all over again for the hubby’s bday in a few weeks! October is just the best!


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