Life Rambles

This post is more for me to just ramble on about life as of now… so happy reading for those who are bored or really love me!

I have so many thoughts running through my head lately, and while I am not going to share too much at this point, I will share something. As I have said before, we currently live with my parents, due to Shaun finding out he got his dream job on a Friday and having to be to work on a Monday while living in PDX, job in Eugene and oh ya, we were in Vegas and flew in at 11pm Sunday night to PDX. Also, we are still paying *gasp* $1205 a month for our 1 bedroom pdx apartment until December. Anyway, our plan was to stay with my parents until at least January, maybe longer depending on the housing market/3 bed modern apartments available, or until a baby comes along. We have some bills/student loans we would love to pay off, but we also are not at a point where they are drowning us, and we can make payments too.

What we really both want is to start our family!! We have been married 4 years, together 6 going on 7, I graduated and I have a job I love that would allow for me to be a stay at home mom, and Shaun has a great job (salary & benefits). We are both beyond ready – it is getting a little ridiculous, I buy things for our future kids, I head to the baby aisle before I shop for myself (those who know me, know that things must have changed) and we find ourselves watching family movies more and more and talking about how great it will be to do everything as a family. We have had a good 7 years together, and while we still want to travel the world, everything we do lately, we know we would enjoy more if we were sharing it with kids! In addition to my online business, I babysit for a close friend four days a week (her girls are 2 and almost 4) and it has made this whole baby thing even worse, I love every moment with them!

As of a few days ago, we had found a couple 3 bedroom townhouse apartments in the $1200 price range to move into early next year, but since Shaun has the VA housing loan and a good job we also keep our eye out for homes to buy. While we own a 3 bedroom house in Springfield, we are keeping that as a rental, and we never bought it with the intentions of living in it, it was a great college house. Several things have been preventing us from really looking though, but mostly the fact that we were told Shaun needed to be in his career for at least 2 years. Today I found the perfect house listing, but on a short sale. I emailed the realtor not really expecting to hear anything back other than that we don’t qualify, but she called back and said she talked to the mortgage advisor and he said that Shaun’s school counts towards his time in career, this was seriously a relief!!!! Even if we don’t get this house, it is great to know that we aren’t tied to waiting 2+ years, I really don’t want to raise a baby in an apartment unless it is 3 bedrooms, and for that price we could pay a mortgage – we are tired of paying the same for rent as we could be a mortgage, so over it!

Anyway, tomorrow we have a meeting with the mortgage advisor and although I am not expecting anything, I am excited. Either way, it is a great learning experience and practice talking with realtors and getting everything set, and also knowing where we stand and what our limits are.

Right now might not be the right time, but it feels good to be making some progress towards buying our family home. With everything lately, I have just been letting things work themselves out, if it is meant to be right now, it will be. If not, something better at a different time is in store. As for the baby thing…. we are currently trying so stay tuned!


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