The story behind the waterfall….

For years, Shaun and I have heard about, seen others photos and even gone searching for Salt Creek Falls near Willamette Pass and Odell Lake. We were first taken there by Shaun’s cousin, but we couldn’t find/make it to the falls, it was January and snow levels were high so we just played in the recreation area near it. Next, on the way to Willamette Pass two years ago, Shaun and I tried again, with no luck. Then again this past March on the way to Crater Lake, we tried yet again, and again with no luck. Seriously!

I have been watching friends post pictures of it during the winter and summer, and that only made us wonder what the hell is going on! We get there, we see the sign, but all we see is snow and more snow. So our goal was to find it before the snow hit this year, it has seriously been bugging us! Normally our weekends are all full with football, but our game was Thursday, my bday was Friday and while we were going to lay around Saturday and veg/watch other football games, Saturday turned out to be a GORGEOUS fall day, so away we went & FINALLY found it!!

Salt Creek Falls

so pretty

We had a great day/mini getaway – it was a beautiful fall day and we both love to be out in nature. It is the little moments in life like this lately that make me so happy. I would much rather be doing things like this than partying and wasting more of my life away, things truly have changed for the better! I also got to play around with my good camera, a rarity for things other than work!


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