House Hunting

It began as a notion in the back of our heads, why pay $1100 for rent for a 2bed when we could be investing in a home that is 3-4 beds. But it was just that, a notion, but it has become our reality to get into a nice home. Once a week or so we would check the listings because as everyone knows, this is a major buyers market and there are some amazing homes out there for wayyyyyyy under market value, the problem – they get snatched up quickly by investors with tons of cash who are able to make a high enough offer that it gets accepted without any other conditions considered. Last week we fell in love with a beautiful 2 story home out in the Barger area on a 1/4 acre lot, but in just two days there were 10 offers and they picked the first one that came in.

So it was back to the drawing board…. on Tuesday, we met with our realtor (who is wonderful) and looked at more homes, and fell in LOVE with one in Santa Clara, 3 levels and 4beds. There were a couple other great ones, but we knew this was it…. one problem it is in the “flood” zone so that is adding to the costs, but the sellers really want to work with us as they didn’t know it was located in the zone when they bought it to flip. Long story short, we are counter offering and hoping we can make it work, it is a perfect first house for us and we now see why we didn’t get the Barger one, things really do happen for a reason – and by that same logic, I am telling myself if this one falls through, there is another better one out there for us and so on.

People ask, why 4 beds – well we want 2 kids soon & with both our jobs being “hobby” jobs as well, we need technically each need an office and we want a guest room, with a boy & girl that could be 5 rooms. So we have gone into with that in mind, and that I need a craft room, which luckily I have an amazing and supporting hubby who puts that first in his mind when looking at these places. He is so cute and will say, but this one has no crafting space! Awww! I grew up in a giant 5 bed 3 story home with an additional den and family room, we had a pool table room, my mom had a craft room and my dad a hobby/toy room and in addition to my room upstairs I had a big play area at the top of the stairs, I loved every minute of it and would buy that house back if I could!

After talking with friends and family, I learned that buying a house can be hard, some of our friends had to go through four or five before they got one – so here we are learning new things and going through this together. It has been stressful, but also fun and exciting – even though we have been together going on 6 years and married 4, own a home that we use as a rental property and have lived in many apartments together, this is all new to us & it is so exciting to be starting this next chapter of our lives! I am so lucky to have such a great hubby who is on the same page as me and wants the same things in life as I do! ❤

One day.......

But for right now, we are really hoping for this one!


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