A new hobby…

I am starting to get into extreme couponing and other deal sites and am loving it! I got some great deals so far, and can’t wait to have more time to spend on it! It is funny because a year ago I laughed at the idea, but now I am thinking why the hell not? Seriously, if you search you never have to pay full price for anything! I can always find coupons to every store, or special promo discounts to use on top of coupons! There are also so many helpful blogs/websites out there that direct you to some amazing steals – but the best thing so far has been the apps on my iPad, seriously love them!

I will continue to post about great deals, and may even start a blog for it once I have more time. For now, I will mention one great site I am loving – nomorerack! I found a promo gift card for $10 and decided to check it out, and they have great deals everyday! Yesterday I got an amazing pink iPad cover (with portions donated to breast cancer) for $7 and a pair of $130 Ailin stretch leggings for free! Today, I went on and sadly the iPad dock for $7 was sold out, but I did get this awesome cord wrapper for FREE (99 cents shipping).

I also got yogurt, juice, shaving cream and razor blade packs (the spendy ones) at Target for a total of $2.13 and Walmart paid me $1.37 to take batteries, juice and cat treats home!

I am also huge into store rewards, I get at least $50 back every 3 months for Fred Meyer, $10 a month from Old Navy, $5-$20 a month from Best Buy and coupons galore from Target!

Just thought I would share my new hobby!


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