Kitchen frenzy

It was a kitchen weekend for sure in between TV shows, date night, work, babysitting, errands, duck games and movies, I managed to make sandwiches & green/yellow white chocolate dipped oreos for our friend’s tailgater, a cheesy ranch potato casserole and pumpkin cupcakes with homemade salted caramel buttercream frosting!

Thanks to highly addictive, procrastination yet motivational Pinterest, I found the idea for the oroes and the recipes for the casserole and cupcakes! Seriously if you are not on it and like to bake/craft/save money on DYI projects/get inspirations for your home/organize your internet findings/dream about things you will never have GET IT aka ask me for an invite!

I will post pics of my cupcakes later, but they looked a little something like this only miniature!

The cupcakes and casserole are for Shaun’s 1st big work party tomorrow, he was so cute last week when he came home and asked me to make things, and he even helped by peeling all the potatoes! The buttercream frosting was a 1st for me as well as making caramel, so fun and yummy!

I seriously love to bake/cook and am loving all the blogs out there for it. I am going to try and make something new every week (I have so many things stacked up on Pinterest to try)… and the hubby is NOT complaining! 🙂

But seriously, try this recipe!


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