Drive much?

This past December I bought my new 2010 VW Jetta with 56 miles on it….

Before our LA trip in June, I called to get the 10,000 oil change/service (every 10,000 miles VW offers this service for free), got some flack for only have the car a little more than 6 months and already needing it…. just called to get my 20,000 one done this week before our trips to WA and Cali this month and then multiple Ptown trips and another WA trip in December and got a bit more flack…

Me: I need to schedule my 20,000 mile appointment

Service guy: Our records show you haven’t owned the car a year yet and had your 10,000 mile one less than 6 months ago, is this correct?

Me: Yes

Service guy: Hmmm ummmm can you go double check the odometer for me? (As if I can’t read that)

Me: Um sure I am looking at it, why?

Service guy: Well it is just that normal people drive around 12,000 miles per year, not 20,000, do you travel a lot for work?

Me: Nope, just travel and basically lived in two cities for the past year, hence why I didn’t buy a used car!

Service guy: Ummm ok, but just know that this isn’t the normal unless you are using it as a work car.

So lesson of the day…. I am NOT normal!?! LOL


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