Thankful Days 5 & 6

For day 5 I am thankful for FOOTBALL, yes I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but seriously football just makes me happy. I am especially thankful to be a DUCK! I have been a duck through the worst of times and the best of times and am thankful for being raised in DUCK country, although I have a beav alumn mommy, I am a proud DUCK! I not only love watching DUCK football, I just love football, I can get into just about any game! NFL is another story, but minus the BSC crap, I LOVE college ball! Not only am I thankful for football to watch, but I am thankful for football and sports in general, I think they are great for kids and adults, I grew up playing multiple sports and miss it everyday. Here is where a lot of people will stop reading but whatever I want to be truthful in what I am thankful for – I am also thankful for Phil Knight & Bill Bowerman (NIKE), Disney & Donald, the amazing coaches OR has had over the years, to have an AMAZING stadium that is known to be the loudest in the nation and fly uniforms! I am thankful for all the excitement and hype that comes with the DUCKS and just everything surrounding football season, including being able to attend every game AND having the chance to experience Autzen as both a student and just a fan!

For day 6 I am thankful for my car, and not just my current car, but the fact that I have had transportation since I got my license at 16. I know I am lucky and privileged to not only just have wheels but ones I love/loved. My first car (red mustang) was my baby and I had some great times, I also love my current baby, my 2010 Jetta! On the way home from WA this weekend and while we are preparing to go to CALI again this weekend, I was realizing how thankful I am for reliable transportation!




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