Thankful Days 9 & 10

I just can’t seem to keep up…. although the past couple days were due to coming down with the flu/some nasty bug that I don’t wish on anyone!

So for day 9 I am thankful for my mommy! I know I already wrote a post on family, but I just feel like my mom needs an extra special post. Since we are living with them (for another month), she has been nursing me back to health for the past 24 hours, but who I am kidding, even if we didn’t live here, she would have been at my place still nursing me back to health. My whole life she has been so amazing when I am sick, whether it is the flu or dental work, I always get homemade chicken noodle soup or potato soup and I am not just talking about homemade broth, noodles and everything. Countless nights, she has run out to the store at all hours to grab cold/flu meds, sprite and whatever else I asked for. The hubby is great too, but he kinda just wants to stay away, which I don’t blame him since he needs to be healthy and rested for work. So as I puked my guts up last night, he slept so he could work, and my mommy took care of me. Plus, honestly when I am sick, even as an adult, it is my mommy I want and no one else! I am thankful for my mommy for so many other things as well as my dad, who was the one who made the yogurt and sprite run this morning before eating his own breakfast! I seriously have two of the greatest parents! ❤

My mom and I in Vegas with "Elvis"

For day 10 I am thankful for TV, seriously what else would kill time while I am sick? Not only TV, but I am thankful for some of my all-time fav. classics – Friends, that 70’s show, 8 simple rules, king of queens, the old two and a half men, Lost, Boy Meets World & more AND for some of my new favs – Modern Family, Mike & Molly, Cougar Town, Rules of Engagement, Dexter, Once Upon a Time and more! Not only do I love TV when I am sick, but while we love to go out, we also LOVE our TV nights in and that we share favorite shows that are special to us!



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