Thankful Days 15 & 16

For day 15 I am thankful for the opportunity I had to grow up surrounded by fabrics and crafts! As a kid I loved sewing and crafting, and loved the fact that I have a mom who owns an entire shop full of goodies for me to chose from! As I got older, I got to attend the wholesale shows and help pick out what we stock (I became a buyer at age 13). Sadly during high school and the first part of college I quit focusing my attention on crafting and sewing and focused on partying and nonsense, but growing up has made me realize how much I missed and LOVE crafting! Not only do I have all the fabric and supplies at my fingertips,  but it also is supplying me with a great job, which I love and is more of a hobby to me! I get to spend my days working aka sewing, crafting and running the online business! I am thankful that in this economy, I have a job that I truly LOVE and that isn’t going anywhere!

My thankful for day 16 goes along with day 15. I am thankful for all the travel opportunities I have had/have and the people in my life who love to travel just like me! I mentioned in day 15 that I got to attend wholesale shows as a registered buyer, and those wholesale shows are probably what started my travel addiction! The main shows we went to every year were Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Then we would pick one big one every year to attend in places like LA, Florida, Texas and more, I had been to Vegas 18 times before I was 21 (but what fun is that right?). The shows are amazing….. you walk into ballrooms full of vendors each selling thousands of fabrics and crafts – it looked like a fantasy world especially in the rooms with the sparkle fabrics! We were always representing the “small” shop population, but there were stylists and designers from NY, LA, Paris and more – every show starts with a fashion show of the latest lines and sample sales of runway merchandise at wholesale prices! There are free workshops, classes and projects as well. During these business trips, we always had a few days to play as well, which meant Disneyland, Disneyworld, Six Flags, shopping in the city, museums, beach days and more. Luckily, I married a man who shares my love of traveling (he had grandparents who traveled with him as well) and we will continue our travels together, as well as the business trips with my parents. We love VEGAS, and will continue to go every year, but next on our non-business trip list is Harry Potter World in FL and an Ireland/England trip to see his family/heritage and of course Ireland!

I want to be here now!


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