Thankful Day 18

Today I am thankful for my iphone and the other technology I use daily. People can hate all they want, but I love Apple products, not because they are “cool” but because of my design interests/uses and how they function. My phone acts as my personal assistant, it is my planner, my shopping list, my email – everything! I feel lost without it for even an hour! I am also thankful for my iPad 2, macbook and my 27″ iMac, I know not everyone can afford Apple products, and I am grateful for mine! In addition, I am thankful for the new IOS that allows me to use my phone/ipad to remote in and fully use either of my computers even though I am miles away, seriously the best app yet! I know a lot of people don’t get why I love Apple, but I don’t care, this post is not to try and persuade people to like it too, but to simply express that I am thankful for Apple products and the technology that comes with them!


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