Thankful Day 25

Oh my goodness, today I am thankful for the fact that I have MORALS!!!!!!!! Yes people, morals!

I have gone black friday shopping every years since I was a kid, but every year it seems to be getting worse and worse! Seriously people, waiting in your car watching the lines wrap around the stores and everyone standing out in the freezing cold/pouring down rain and then waiting in your car and trying to jump in the front at opening is NOT cool! I know it will always happen, but I just stand back knowing that we have morals – and guess what? We got everything we wanted, and were in line to check out before some of you cheaters!

On a different note, I am also thankful for my Kitchenaid that my mommy got me a few years ago for black friday, just cause! Seriously, a life saver! Mine is plain white, and as I see the colored ones out, I like them but still love mine!

Every year I see them “not on sale in my book” and just smile happily knowing mine is at home!


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