Moving on

The last post was about not getting the house we had been hoping for, well a little less than a week later, while we are still bummed, we are starting to see it as a blessing. After a few nights sleep, we are realizing that while we want to own a second home in the near future (we own a starter home in springfield that we use as a rental), right now may not have been the best time – honestly, I think the fact that we were approved minus it being in a flood zone satisfies something in us for now. The house was great, but we know there will be others out there we love even more.

We are going to take this year to continue to pay off student debt so that our monthly payments aren’t as high when we buy as well as continue to pay down on my new car and we are currently looking to FINALLY get Shaun his 4door truck, which are NOT cheap! In addition, we are both in the process of getting smartphone upgrades, he just got a 4G tablet (our At&t bill is now over $200/month – ya I know freakin’ data use), and I have a couple small credit cards I want to pay off! Shaun is also looking at building himself a brand new computer and I happen to want a new fancy camera and camera gear as well as a new MacBook Pro. Lastly, we want to……… travel! We are looking into taking my mom & dad on an Alaskan cruise for her bday this year as well as a special anniversary trip somewhere tropical (involving new rings or should I say ring for him and diamonds diamonds diamonds for me) for our 5th wedding anniversary this August. We are also hoping to squeeze in another Florida trip but this time northern FL to Disney, Universal and HARRY POTTER!

I am not saying we are choosing to spend spend spend over owning a home, BUT this whole situation did make us sit and realize since we have no kids yet, we want the opportunity to do some of these things/get out toys before we have the responsibility of kids or a high mortgage payment to worry about. We realized that these things would not come easily with a mortgage payment or kids, so why not do them while we can? I guess we have been so focused on the future and trying to make elaborate plans work, we have forgotten to live in the now – we both know that the right time will come for kids/house!

We are going to continue to live with my parents until we decide where/what we want to rent, which could be in a year or so – maybe sooner depending on a few life factors. I know, I know living with the parents sounds soooooooooooooo lame and normally it would be except my parents love having us (seriously not just saying that, my mom tears up when I talk of moving) & we have our room, an office and our own bathroom (they have a 4bed 2bath house, so we pretty much have the back half). Still lame I know, but rent for a 2bed (in the places we want, yes I am spoiled and have high standards) is the same as a mortgage payment and well over $1,000/month, so for now it makes sense. Still lame, yes but we are currently happy and for once I am learning to really not care how people think/want to judge us because no matter what you do in life someone is going to think you should be doing different and me stressing over what people think is just a waste of time!

I guess what I am trying to say is we worked hard in college for 4 years (and I never did the whole study abroad thing because I wanted to save traveling for the hubby & I) so now we want to take some time to travel and treat ourselves now that we have careers and aren’t the broke college kids eating top ramen and going to dolla beer night, although I do miss that at times! If a baby/house comes at any point along the way, we will certainly be happy with that as well and alter our lives as needed! I am excited for our future and I know things will fall into place when they are supposed to!


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