Tis’ the Season, Leavenworth WA

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind, I cannot believe that Dec. is almost over – seriously, time just flies lately. Anyway, we managed to take a break and take a couple days off work this past week to visit Leavenworth, WAin addition to our annual WA xmas in Olympia with Shaun’s dad and family. Leavenworth is a small Bavarian town in eastern WA known for their festivals, especially Christmas time – they are known as Xmas Town USA. 

Glimpse of Leavenworth

We were planning on leaving Wed. night for Portland and staying at our place there to break up the 7 hour drive from Eugene to Leavenworth, but last minute we found out about Shaun’s holiday office party, so we left Thursday morning and arrived well after dark because Tacoma/Seattle/Bellevue traffic is the absolute worst (seriously, SoCal is nothing in comparison). Driving through a pass we have never been through at night in a snow blizzard was unnerving, but an adventure. We got in town around 8 and checked into our cute Bavarian hotel. We bundled up and went for a romantic walk through the snow to look at all the lights and the town, the shops were all closed but lots of couples were out and about – it was so romantic. We had a late dinner and drinks at Gustav’s, a popular locals spot with amazing food and drinks. Friday, we bundled up again had an amazing breakfast at a local breakfast place, walked around the town square again but this time shopping at all the cute shops and we ended the afternoon with wine tasting! We got some really cute local handmade things for ourselves and gifts, I love small town local shops! On the way out of town, we went on a SLEIGH RIDE, sooooo cool – I love horses and it was just so surreal to me to go on a sleigh ride through the snow, it felt like a scene from a movie, and we had the best apple cider made by a true cowboy! It was one of the best weekends in a long time, we love mini vacations! 

I recommend Leavenworth to everyone! Like I said from Eugene, it is about 7 hours depending on when you hit 405 – but worth the drive. When we go next year, we will break up the drive staying in Ptown or Seattle one night and then head east, we broke up the trip on the way back and it wasn’t bad at all, of course we also don’t mind 20hour car rides! It is def. a great spot for couples, but would also be great for families and kids as well! We want to go back for Oktoberfest, and were told to book now as more than 10,000 people cram into the town square! 



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