Finally… his truck!

Over the past years we have been talking about Shaun getting a truck, and for the past few months we have been browsing trucks. One of the main criteria we decided was that it had to be the 4 door cab due to him having to haul doctors computers around and the fact that kids are hopefully in the near future. However, that made it very hard to find a nice truck with low miles in our $20,000 range, we did not want payments over $400/month! Another criteria was an American car (i.e. Ford, Dodge and bleh, Chevy) – another price raiser. So after weeks of browsing online and hearing about these crazy low interest rates right now, we decided to go LOOOOOOOOK last night at Lithia Dodge where we saw some for around $22,900 that we wanted to see if they would lower…. as I said we were going looking, and here is what we came out with…

We got them to lower from $22,900 to $19,500 and we got a great interest rate, low miles, 4X4, Hemi, new tires – and the loaded package with leather seats and a sunroof! Now the only down factor while red is very pretty (I loved my red mustang), red doesn’t match DUCK STUFF (we were looking for black or dark grey) but we knew we couldn’t base it off color, so later on Shaun is wanting a black paint job, more manly anyway but for now we love it, super fun to drive too! It always seems that looking turns into buying! Last year at this time (exactly 2 days earlier), we went in to look at used BMWs and came out with my new 2010 Jetta that I love – I guess for us, Dec is the month for cars, which really is when you get the best rates and price slashing as they are working to meet quotas and make room for new inventory!

Another excitement was that this is the first time we have gotten a vehicle without a co-signer (awww we are so grown up). I had to have one with my Jetta because I was still in school and had no “reliable” income that they would count, so my dad graciously co-signed for me (kind of as an early grad gift as well), but this time we were able to do it all on our own!

I am so happy for my hubby, this is his first new & nice car since 2003 when he was in the Navy stationed in HI. Since then, he has always driven beaters off craigslist or my parent’s extra truck or SUV. For awhile, we shared one car which led to him taking the bus quite often. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, it is just for his job that requires driving daily to 13 different clinics when the doctors call and having to haul their equipment from location to location, a reliable and larger vehicle is needed – plus he works hard and deserves a car he loves!


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