In love …

With my new iPhone camera lenses! Seriously, some girls want jewelry or clothes but this year I wanted camera accessories (not that those things aren’t nice too – I love my diamond bracelet from Vday last year). 

Anyway, my hubby surprised me with not one of them on my list, but ALL of them plus an extra goodie! 

I have been wanting the snap-on macro/wide, telephoto and fish eye lenses for awhile now – and he surprised me with them as stocking stuffers! Xmas eve when we opened gifts, I opened the one I did not even know existed and fell in love and thought that was it for the camera stuff (I got TONS of other amazing things – he did good), come to find out the rest were waiting in my stocking for Xmas morning!

Zoom lens and tripod 🙂

Turning that into this with the iPhone! (Amazing quality too especially with 4S)

& then the other lenses!

You can do a lot more with each lens but I have been wanting to dabble in Bokeh for awhile, this is my first trial pic!

 You did good babe! 


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