NYE resolution early…

I have never been one to make a list of the typical things – dieting/loosing weight, etc, but this year we have one BIG goal and it just so happens that the timing when we are able to start coincides with January. So our “NYE” resolution is to pay off one credit card in full a month and be credit card debt-free by November! We aren’t in a lot of debt (or I should say Shaun is not – he only has one credit card with like $200 on it), but I am tired of paying monthly payments for bills made while trying to get by in college. I have about $4,000 in total CC debt and I just want to take this year to get it back down to $0. My debt comes from the typical college charges – clothes, nights out, books/class supplies, FOOD, drinks aka coffee, traveling and other random stuff – a totally manageable number to pay off over the year! 

We have decided to take this year to transition from college to LIFE and rebuild/build ourselves – we are calling it the transition year. We need to secure necessities that we could not afford while still in school (his truck, a new computer for him, etc) as well as like I said pay off college debt. We want to just start establishing ourselves financially, because college was not the time for that! In addition, we are in the average credit range (not excellent, but not poor), but we are only a few steps on the ladder from being at excellent again – we just have to get these little silly credit cards paid off! I am so excited for us to finally have things like insurance, salary incomes and PTO – I am excited to see what this year has in store!

‎”Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~Unknown

In addition, we are saving $$$$ for *hopefully* 3 big trips, but at least 2 – an Alaskan cruise for my mom’s bday, a romantic tropical getaway/new ring exchange for our 5th anniversary & *hopefully* Florida for Harry Potter world!!!! & of course throughout the year mini vacays – Vegas and more! I am so happy the hubby gets a MONTH and a HALF PTO (yay O.M.G)!


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