When first deciding what to do for NYE one thought ran through our minds – VEGAS, but after checking prices, we decided we didn’t want to start the new year off broke, so a few weeks ago the hubby had made reservations for NYE at some of our fav. Portland hotspots – PCG, Depature and Urban Fondue and we were planning on spending NYE in PDX the super fancy style. Now I am not saying there will never be another weekend like this (we still love those places and PDX), but after really thinking about it, we are both still exhausted from the holidays not to mention a little short on cash (dinner & drinks at these places is not cheap, and of course I would have needed a new going out outfit/heels). So…. we decided what really sounds good is a nice relaxing weekend at the coast – one of our favorite weekend getaways, from Bandon to Astoria we love the entire Oregon Coast and while we go a lot for daytrips, weekends there are pretty rare.

We have free player’s cash from ThreeRivers Casino, so I am sure we will  be ringing in the New Year there, as well as attending their Rose Bowl watch party (we had tickets for a table in the event center that includes a FREE all you can eat tailgate buffet). We are staying a Driftwood Shores in a suite with a kitchen and balcony – time to relax!

Honestly, this decision is just one of many in the New Year where I need to stop thinking (and doing things) based on what I think others expect of me – I have this crazy idea that people still expect me to be this wild party girl or go all out for all events, which while fun, I am realizing that I am totally happy staying in lounging in sweats with the ones I love as well in fact, to be honest 99% of the time, I am MORE happy doing that.

I am sure we will participate in the champagne toast at midnight at the casino, but other than that, a night of bumping and grinding against strangers in the clubs, $20 covers and $15 drinks just did not sound appealing this NYE – all I really want is a weekend of fun with my love. We plan on hitting the casino of course, seeing MI4 at one of the old style theaters (a tradition of ours at the coast), reading (I have tons of new books on my list), drinking our favorite wines, cooking meals in our kitchen, eating at Mo’s and shopping in Old Town.

I am ready to bring on the New Year with my hubby with – gambling, champagne, wine, relaxing at the coast and of course most importantly – A DUCK WIN!!!!

We will be here, where will you be? (Not saying going all out and drinking/bars is bad, that is my norm, but this just sounded more appealing this year to us).

Prob not that sunny, BUT you never know with the OR coast!


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