Ringing in 2012

So in my last post I wrote about our decision to have a “calmer” NYE, which we did but we still decided to dress up and go out! We traded in the typical club scene which for us has become old and flooded with the younger scene of singles (while that was fun back in the day), we had the PERFECT nye at ThreeRivers casino (the next best thing to Vegas). Not to mention the $50 covers for the bars in PDX (our old plan) – ummmm you are not Vegas, sorry while PDX bars are cool, they are NOT $50 a person cool, nor do I want to wait in line for hours in the freezing cold, no thanks!

Saturday morning we went and saw New Year’s Eve and then headed to the coast still unsure if we were going to spend NYE in our hotel room with champagne or go out to the NYE bash at ThreeRivers – we had outfits packed just in case. We wound up getting there late afternoon-ish and decided to have early toasts (drinking a bottle of champagne) around 5 and watch the last sunset of 2011 off our balcony, after that we decided to go to the bash and we wanted to gamble/drink more!

Our view from the room

Ready to go out

Happy 6 years together ❤

After dinner

Ready to game, drink and dance the night away


Free photobooth fun 🙂

We enjoyed a great dinner, drinks, winning $$$$$$ and dancing the night away under lights and a disco ball to an awesome cover band! What we loved about it was that it was a mixed scene and nobody acted stuck up, or rude – something lately that the clubs have a serious problem with! There were younger single hotties (guys & girls) dressed skimpy, married/serious couples like us still dressed up but not running around with our asses hanging out and then the older but still down to party/dress flashy crowd who were a riot! Overall, it was an amazing night and the best NYE yet! I loved drinking and dancing the new year in with my hubby, oh and we won $$$ as well!

New Years day we woke up to sun at the coast…. so we took the morning to go out and enjoy it!

Jan 1, 2012

Drawing in the sand

beach kisses

&& I got to play around some more with my new lenses!

We both love reading and wanted to get a lot of reading done, so we spent the afternoon reading while watching/listening to the waves roll in. Then for dinner we went to Mo’s in oldtown (our fav) and walked along the pier/the little shops! We both got some cool souvenirs (he found a comic book shop and I found a jewelry store with tons of owl stuff). After dinner, we came back to watch the blazer/clipper game and drink beer but it wasn’t on TV (at least not on the cable the hotel got – huge bummer), but we drank beer played board games and read more instead!

Reppin' the ducks the whole weekend

View from dinner ❤

1st sunset of 2012!

Board games!

It was great to not only wake up to the ocean Monday and no work, but it was ROSE BOWL day! We both were giddy and excited from the time we got up! Monday was more typical for coast weather in Jan. as we woke up to grey skies and rain, but as much as I love the sunny coast, I also love the stormy coast. We ducked out and watched the Capital Bowl until we had to check out, then we headed to ThreeRivers again, this time for the ROSE BOWL party – we had tickets to the event which was shown on a 228″ screen, and included $5 in slot play each, a FREE all you could eat buffet throughout the whole game (they went allll out – burgers, hot dogs, chili, ribs, hot wings, salad, a nacho bar, a dessert bar and free soda), and a 2011 duck football yearbook! Not only did the ducks win, but I won $200 off $1 at half time and got a free drink!



I had already had an amazing weekend and then…. THE DUCKS WON THE ROSE BOWL!!!!!!!

There was nothing that could erase the smile from my face last night/this morning and even now thinking about it all. The casino went wild, everyone hugged, cried and just took time to soak it all in. 

It truly was the perfect weekend and the perfect way to ring in the new year!


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