New hobby!

In addition to working 40hours a week+ (an online business means you really work way more than that), which consists of running our online Etsy site, starting a second online store, designing a website for the business, managing advertising, packaging orders, buying new products, doing alterations and managing the paperwork and budget, I have decided I need a new hobby!

Not only do I want to take up this hobby, but I want to continue to focus on my others; handmade crafts, sewing, beading/jewelry and photography. I have always wanted to learn to knit and have just never taken the time to learn! One of my goals for 2012 is to quit wanting to do things, but to get out and do them now that I am done with school and on my own schedule!

I want to be able to make fun stuff like this –

Adorable stuff like this –

& pretty stuff like this –

I have a few friends who knit, one of them who has a Facebook page and does custom orders – I recently ordered this hat and I cannot wait to wear it!

I am going to teach myself for the most part as I have access to thousands of books/products via wholesale, but I am excited to take an intro class later this month via a local craft shop to learn the basics!


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