It finally snowed..

Not much… but we finally got some of the pretty white stuff! I have been waiting since November. Living in OR, it is unpredictable when and how much (if at all) snow we will get. Some years it snows in Nov/Dec and other years not until March. This year we like the rest of the country have been having a very mild winter – the mountains just opened this last weekend for boarding/skiing, but although open, it was nothing to get too excited over.

Shaun and I did get to see some snow in Dec. when we went to Leavenworth, WA – but even for them it has been a very mild winter. We were expecting 3-4 feet like normal in Dec. for them and got 6″ to a foot while there.

Since Friday, we had been hearing this talk of snow Sat night, sunday, monday and tuesday – while last night it finally dusted the valley floor, we got quite impatient yesterday and decided to make a last minute trip up the Mckenzie to play – we left around 3:30pm knowing the drive back would be dark, snowy and icy but we also wanted to take the beast out to the snow for the 1st time.

Shaun's baby

so pretty!

winter wonderland

Such a fun night

While I love traveling to warm places, I really do love winter and the snow and am not one bit jealous of anywhere warm right now – I am more jealous of Alaska. We are supposed to get more tonight, and I am hoping for a blizzard! We both love snow, him I think even more than me – his #1 places to go are Alaska, Patagonia and Antarctica – and if he could talk me into it, I am sure we would live in the mountains as last night he hinted at it several times!

In our yard and on my walk this morning I captured some of the valley snow

Again, let it snow! 


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