New goal <3

I have done a lot of reflecting lately, and I have just been so bubbly and full of life the past few weeks! I have an amazing hubby, an awesome family, kick ass friends, a career I love & am good at, so many exciting things in the near future, travel plans and a few hobbies that I love as well as more to learn. I feel blessed, even when those little curve balls life throws me get me down, I always take time to look at the good!

All this happiness and time to really do what I love has made me set a new DAILY goal for myself –

Do something I love everyday! 

Whether it is going on a run, sewing something, crafting, reading, watching a fav. movie, playing a game, catching up with a friend, going to HH, shopping, cuddling with the hubby or a bubble bath, life is tooooo damn short not to be happy & this whole “I don’t have time” mentality I developed in college is FINALLY gone and it feels amazing! The past few days I have been doing this and at the end of the day I feel so much more accomplished even if it is just because I did one thing that day that I love! I hear a lot of my friends say “oh I would love to do that but I don’t have time,” and that was me all throughout college, I was so busy that I forgot to take time for ME in roughly 4 years, and while I was happy, I was never this happy – so I also challenge you – make time for yourself!

&& I am curious, what are some of your favorite YOU activities?


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