Busy work weekend…

I am happy to report that this was the best weekend we have had via Etsy yet! Our weekend totaled more than $1,000 in sales (from both Etsy shops combined). We have had weekends close to this, but usually our sales per weekend are around $400 total. With a few $200+ sales, it added up fast this weekend!

I have been brainstorming every way to get our word out, one of the best advertising methods has been Pinterest, yes it is free and people view it as just a waste of time, but it has been working great! Sadly, I could not create a shop account without either deleting mine or starting over with a new FB page because you cannot have two accounts linked to the same FB and our shop page is a fan page off my personal page, but I created a board for our shop under my name, and so far it has gotten a lot of traffic, likes and re-pins! I also played around with Goodgle Adwords for a bit with a free credit we had, but I can’t yet say it is worth $25+ a day after our credit ran out although, we did get a lot of clicks! I am planning on diving into Twitter for the business next, but I have a few more things to work on before I do that – the Twitter demographic is not our typical shop demographic, but I am trying to change that and pull in a whole new audience! I am just so excited for all these new changes and possibilities! I sometimes get discouraged because I can’t do it all in a day…. but I just have to remember one day at a time, one day at a time – most businesses aren’t built overnight!

While the shop is keeping me busier than ever, I have had less time that I would like to sew things for my own business I plan to start later this year. I have debated throwing up what I do have, but I want to wait until I have a full product line, website and all social media outlets covered first. I get super antsy, but I know that if I just give it more time, it will eventually all come together! Saturday is MY day – as I work Sunday-Monday (Sundays depend on the amount of work I have, but the shop is open), and the past couple Saturdays I have gone to the shop anyway to sew for me/products for my future business!

Ahhhh so many exciting things, so little time! 


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