Pinterest + Nerdiness = Hunger Games DIY

After months of waiting, this weekend was the opening of the hunger games, now unless you live under a rock I really don’t feel the need to explain it any further. After reading the books and hearing talk of a movie, I admit I was skeptical, because as everyone knows movies tend to butcher books BUT after seeing the trailer I had hope, yes I had read the books long before any trailers!

Let me say, I am 100% happy with the casting and the movie as a whole.

A few weeks ago I ran across DIY Mockingjay shirts on Pinterest via this blog. Now why I didn’t just think of these I have no idea, but was so happy to find it after I had spend countless hours searching for a hunger games shirt under $40 that I really loved. Sure there are tons of screen-printed ones out there, but none of them really caught my eye. So I went to Target and got a shirt for $4 and spent about 2 hours making my own (made one for a good friend as well), and I am so happy with how they turned out.

Tracing an image from google

Luckily, we had some gold metallic material on hand - I used steam-a-seam iron-on interfacing and then stitched around the edges to applique the cutout to the shirt.

and done! For a total of about $8 per shirt and about 2 hours time 🙂

Hunger Games opening!

Such a great night!


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