uh, nonexistent? Blame Pinterest!

I know, my blogging has been awful aka non-existent lately. Who knew life after college would be just as busy if not busier than life during college? Well, I know now! But it is in a good way – I am finally able to focus on everything I love to do and had to set aside for 4 years while in college, and I am loving every moment of being able to pick up where I left off, oh well and of course work 40+ hours a week!

Lately I have been completely overwhelmed with the fact that there is NEVER enough time to accomplish it all. I get so down because I know there is no way I can possibly cram everything in, seriously life is so full of possibilities right now, I just want to experience it all!

I am sure this will sound silly to some while others will nod their heads and agree but thank god for and curse pinterest at the same time! It is my latest addiction (and probably) why I never blog). I say thank god for it because not only do I use it for my own personal use, but for our business as well. I have found so many great recipes, craft ideas and other various projects via pinterest. At least once a week I try a new recipe and haven’t found one yet we don’t love! I also have completed several craft/sewing projects and saved myself some money with the DIY projects I found. However, I say curse it because it is addicting and has added to my never-ending projects list! Oh well, guess that is what I have my whole life ahead of me for right? 🙂

What are some of your favorite pinterst finds?


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