Philly Comic Con Countdown is on!

At the beginning of the year we had every intention of going to the famous San Diego Comic Con for the 1st time ever! We have always wanted to go, but I was always in the middle of summer term classes, which are only 4 weeks long so taking 1 day off is like taking 2 weeks off of a regular term. So going to Comic Con was one of the first things on my post-grad list! After researching other Comic Cons we didn’t know existed, we actually found the Wizard World Comic Con in Philly that instantly got our attention. We were going to try and do both, but Shaun couldn’t get the dates off for the SD one, so Philly it is! Now while we will miss a ton of TV stars from our favorite shows (big bang theory, TrueBlood, Dexter, Walking Dead and more & possibly the Avengers cast or Batman cast), the Philly Comic Con has A LOT to offer too! In fact, TOO MUCH! Every week in my FB newsfeed, they post another star or event and while we want to get photos with everyone and attend every panel, we are trying to make the hard decision on who to see and what to do! Some of our top picks right now are:


Meeting Bruce Campbell and the rest of the Evil Dead Cast + photo op and autograph

Stan Lee and William Shatner VIP experience

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy VIP experience

Spartacus/Legend of the Seeker VIP experience

Sam Trammell (and hopefully the rest of the TrueBlood cast)

Lou Ferringo aka the Hulk VIP experience

Chris Hemsworth aka THOR VIP (this may just be me, but who doesn’t want a pic with him?)

&& the newest announced Jedi Lightsaber Master Class (top of our list)

The problem? Each of these are about $200+ per person, so we have to pick and choose.

Although we won’t be able to do it all, we are so excited!!! Not only have we been waiting to go to a Comic Con forever, we have always wanted to visit Philly (and of course DC, NY, Boston, etc – but those will have to be different trips) for the rich history, as we are both big history buffs. I also have a childhood friend who lives in Philly and will be attending Comic Con as well.

Hotel/Airfare has been booked and paid off, so now to just save $$$$$$$$$$$$ for spending and craft fun and nerdy things for the convention!

Oh and did I mention, the night before we fly out to Philly, I will be in the same room as my TV love, Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House???!!!! Ah, c’mon May/June!


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