Nerdiness Galore!

So in my last post, I posted about how excited we are for Philly ComiCon in June, and how it would be our 1st ComiCon, well it will actually be our 2nd! A couple weekends ago we got the chance to attend Seattle’s annual ComiCon, very last minute I might add. We are obsessed with the Walking Dead and when we learned that part of the cast and the writer/creator were going to be there, we just had to go. Our decision was made late Thursday afternoon and after 4-5 hours of frantically trying to find a place to buy tickets via a credit card over the phone instead of being in Seattle right then and there, I finally found a place that did it for me (he said normally they never do it). Hotel was next, as we have several family members in the area, we knew we would be super busy and we needed to be near the convention center. I finally found a room at one 6 blocks away, which in Seattle 6 blocks is a workout due to all the hills, but it wasn’t a bad walk at all considering all the ones within a 2-3 block radius were booked up with people who actually plan ahead!

The weekend getaway was filled with so many “adventures”. Shaun didn’t get off work until 4, and while we needed to be on the road at 4 even though I had spent all day packing and loading the car, we did not leave until 4:45, the catch is we HAD to be at the comic book store in Seattle by 9pm to get our tickets. For a lot of people Eug to Seattle is a 5+ hour trip especially with Tacoma/Seattle traffic. Lets just say that after calling the store owner twice, and him graciously staying past 8 (closing), we made it at 8:58 as he said he would leave at 9 sharp…. whew! We really had no alternative plan, but I am sure we would have worked something out.

After that we could breathe! Seriously, I just about quit breathing as we hit Tacoma traffic, a minute felt like a millisecond going by. We got to the hotel and just decided to relax as we knew both Sat & Sun were going to be jam packed days starting early and filled with walking.

Both days were amazing, just taking everything in and getting to nerd out! 🙂

Sat. we got to see panels for cast members of the Walking Dead, including the writer/director, and Sun we saw panels from Summer Glau (hubby’s fav), Adam Baldwin, the Potter twins and more.

It was a fun little getaway and we came home with some great things to add to our nerd collection – special limited edition Seattle-only Big Bang shirts, a Seattle-only walking dead shirt with the space needle and zombies, signed walking dead graphic novels, soft kitty plush, star wars robes, walking dead board game, game of thrones board game and a YODA backpack!

We also got to get away from rainy Eugene and experience a SUNNY & WARM Seattle… uh ya that makes sense, not, but it was so nice!

Overall, it was a great trip and we got to see so many cool things. We are also really happy we went because it was like a practice run for the big one in Philly, now we semi-know how to approach the panels and signings as well as the photo opps. Did I mention also that some of the costumes were just amazing? I can’t wait until we have some time/money to dedicate to costumes! Depending on who all is there, we plan to make this an annual thing!

John Bernthal and Laurie Holden aka Shane and Andrea from the Walking Dead!

James and Oliver Phelps aka Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter 1-7

Nerds take over Seattle 🙂

Pike Place, always a must in Seattle.... fav ❤


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