It’s (about) that time of year…

Every season, everyone itches for something, at least I know I do! Fall is a time for getting ready for festivities, baking and football! Winter is a time to bake, stay in and read and see family. I love living in a place like Oregon where we get 4 actual seasons and they all are very different and offer so many things. Spring however, is a time to plan! Every spring I find myself setting new goals, not NYE type goals, but mainly travel goals. Since this year is our first year not in college in quite sometime, we are going to take advantage of having our weeknights/weekends free!

We cannot wait to get out and explore. In addition to our major vacations planned (Kansas City in May for me, Philly in June, Alaska/Canada in July and Hawaii in August – yea I know, but we love to travel), we are wanting to explore Oregon/WA/NorCal/Idaho and well everywhere we can.

While we both have great careers that we love, I am feeling total wanderlust and need to get out and explore nature. The hubby really wants to take a couple weeks and roadtrip across the states, camping as we go and visiting historic landmarks and national parks, but we just don’t have the time this year, so for now we will scale that same idea down to things that are near us!

Over the weekend we made boards on Pinterest together to bookmark how our trip across the states would go. It was so fun to do it together and discuss it all, we have so many of the same interests when it comes to traveling and that makes it great to plan together! I made the travel Oregon board first, and then close areas like WA, CA and Idaho, but we had so much fun doing it, we just did most other states too! I have always believed that every place on earth has beauty, but I also am bias to Oregon and the PNW, which just amaze me.

We both grew up traveling, but have been to different places. Whether we have been there or not, we are eager to make new memories with each other.


Prehistoric Park in Southern Oregon.... how did I not know about this? We can't wait to go! RAWR!


While I have been to a majority of the waterfalls in Oregon, we have not made it to this one ... sooooo pretty. Nature really just leaves me in awe!

We want spring/summer 2012 to be a time of adventure and discovery.


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