Peace in the middle of chaos

I really don’t mean to go a month without a post, but I am just so busy living life. These past few months and the months to come will be some of the busiest months of my life, but in a great way! I am sooooooooo happy with all the opportunities I have right now with the business and while I have made a decision to start giving up some play time for added work time, I know in the end it will be worth it! Anyway, don’t worry, we will still always find time for our getaways!

A couple weekends ago, we got the chance to go stay at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s AMAZING cabin up the Mckenzie. It is seriously one of the most amazing and tranquil places I have stayed at. It is right on the river and we spent all weekend with the sound of the roaring rapids and chirping birds! It was a much-needed mini getaway from everything. To often we get caught up and bogged down with work and other life stress, and sometimes it is just crucial to getaway. We spent a lot of time hiking and exploring the area, cooking meals together and reading on the back porch over the river. It was absolute bliss. It gave us time to re-connect and most importantly we got to spend hours discussing where we are now and what we want to accomplish in the near future. We also talked a lot about the future of my business.

Here are some pics of our weekend –

View off the screened in back porch

I want to live here!

Seriously, if you are feeling stressed or worn out from the everyday chaos, go out and enjoy nature for a day!

If you live around here, you have most likely heard of Cougar hot springs, a beautiful but very very uh hippie environment. I have always wanted to go, and all my friends go and love it, but I have never been brave enough to try it, I am a slight germ-a-phobe but I decided to take the plunge. We were told if we came out about 8am that we would not be surrounded with the mass crowds that come in the afternoons. There were a few people there at 8am, but it was a very relaxing and clean experience.

Hot springs

For lunch we ate a Takoda’s (we have been hearing amazing reviews for years) and it was just that… amazing! The weather was perfect and we sat outside in their tranquil garden area and enjoyed local cuisine and drinks soaking up the sun.

I am so lucky to have a guy who is my best friend and more, who enjoys these trips as much as I do and sees the value of taking time to disconnect from the world and everyone and just enjoy each other! ❤ 


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