Summer 2012: Bucket List

I am super excited about this already crazy-busy summer because it is our 1st summer without any feeling of the college life. While I loved college, I am really excited to be part of the grown up business world. Last summer, I graduated in June, and while some might say that would of been a great summer to go crazy, the husband and I were living in Portland, struggling to find full-time jobs and when we did find them, we decided to move back to Eugene for them and to settle back home. We did manage to get in 2 amazing Vegas trips and a Cali/Disney trip in, but this summer I want to focus on finally being able to do some of the things we have been wanting to do for years together, we just never had the time and/or money, so I am making a summer “bucket list.” This idea came to me after a friend made hers, and has actually been sticking to it, getting to do some pretty neat things. Our list is in no particular order and contains things we both have been wanting to do for awhile now!

  1. Go to a drive-in movie! This has been on my list for probably 20 years, and the hubby’s for awhile now too.
  2. Ride a tandem bike
  3. Finally eat at PCG, even though we lived there and visit all time we have managed to never go!
  4. Get back into bowling together! We used to bowl a lot, in fact, we even took a class together at Lane.
  5. Go on our 1st cruise
  6. Stay in a yurt
  7. Go on a jetboat excursion
  8. Finally see Crater Lake together! I have been, and we tried to go together last year… but needless to say March is not the time to go!
  9. Read/Watch Lord of the Rings together… well I will read them and watch for the 1st time, he will just re-watch!
  10. Start working on his US Navy shadow box together!
  11. Hike Mt. Pisgah, we have hiked everywhere else in Eugene, but this one!
  12. Carve our initials somewhere special
  13. Make homemade ice cream together
  14. Attend my 1st Country Fair
  15. Eat at 5 new places in Eugene, seriously we have some great food around here that we need to experience 
  16. Romantic picnic in the forest
  17. SEW MORE!
  18. Have all our xmas gifts done by Dec. 1, this means starting now! In years past we have been sooooooo last minute, and this year we really want to take the time to put thought into everyone’s gifts and hand make as many as we can
  19. Organize all our cards to/from each other over the past 6 years (thanks Pinterest for some great ideas on this one)
  20. Make something out of the old pallets we have been collecting (again, thanks Pinterest)
  21. Learn how to make Chinese food! We both love Chinese, and while we won’t ever give up going out (or having it delivered), we would love to be able to make it too!
  22. Take the ferry from Seattle to Victoria or BC
  23. Eat at Camp 18
  24. Go to Bend/Sisters, we have only ever driven through
  25. Stay at a bed & breakfast
  26. Buy ingredients from the Farmer’s Market, and come home and make a meal using them
  27. Go berry picking
  28. Go wine tasting
  29. See a Shakespeare play and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Oregon
  30. Find all the ducks on parade (the ones still around that is)
  31. Try a new kind of food at a new restaurant
  32. Go dancing
  33. Play bingo
  34. Fly kites
  35. Take an art class
  36. Ride the new Seattle Ferris Wheel
  37. Attend a Mariner game, and cheer for the Mariners for the hubby (this can only be done when not playing the YANKEES)
  38. Visit Gasworks park
  39. Find the Goonies house
  40. Stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel
  41. Visit Thor’s Well
  42. Visit a Ghost Town
  43. Underground Tour in Seattle
  44. Go to a water park (no, Amazon pool does not count)
  45. TV show marathon, we used to have these all the time some of the best were LOST, HOUSE, Dexter and the Walking Dead
  46. Go on a random drive with no plans and see where the day takes us
  47. Eat at a fondue restaurant
  48. Visit a museum
  49. Ride the Portland Aerial Tram
  50. Go to at least 5 new breweries
  51. See a show at a McMenamins establishment
  52. Go see a live band at a local bar
  53. Go to a concert, we love going, but went all last summer without attending one
  54. Go to the Oregon State Fair, we have gone to the LCF every year, but never the OSF
  55. Be kids again and spend a day at Enchanted Forest
  56. Finish at least 1 DIY project every week
  57. Night out at the Electric Station/5th street area, we have gone several times, but never just us
  58. Start out our morning with fresh pastries from a bakery
  59. Eat at Track Town Pizza
  60. Go chocolate tasting
  61. Drive the entire OR coast highway
  62. Visit long beach, WA, the world’s longest beach
  63. Build a sandcastle
  64. Visit the Prehistoric Gardens
  65. Trail of 10 Falls Loop
  66. See as many waterfalls as we can!
  67. See the Spruce Goose, I have seen it, hubby hasn’t
  68. Try a new food
  69. Visit Belknap Hot Springs
  70. Paddleboat together
  71. Go to the rock slides at Triangle Lake
  72. Visit at least 5 historic sites in Oregon
  73. Have a 80s/90s movie/game night
  74. Portland dinner cruise
  75. Participate in an art walk
  76. See an IMAX movie
  77. Go to a shooting range, I’ve never shot a real gun!
  78. Watch the sunrise and set in one day
  79. Kiss under a waterfall
  80. Go skinny dipping
  81. Tie dye shirts
  82. Complete a puzzle
  83. Go to a barcade
  84. Watch each other’s favorite childhood movies while in our PJs all day
  85. Play chess, he loves chess and I have never played… it is time to learn
  86. Teach each other something new
  87. Stargazing
  88. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  89. Go to a new park
  90. Visit our state capital building
  91. Spend all day at the movie theatre seeing back-t0-back features
  92. Play tourist in our own city
  93. Restaurant crawl
  94. Go to a batting cage
  95. Hit up a flea market
  96. Attend each theme night at dif. bars… taco tues, etc.
  97. Eat at a rooftop restaurant or bar
  98. Make our own pizza
  99. Spend a day exploring the Gorge
  100. Visit the Salem waterfront/ride the Willamette Queen

I will blog about each one as we do them! We can’t wait to see what this summer has in store.