Bucket List: #50 & #4

2 out of 5 new breweries & get back into bowling together –

It is FINALLY summer time in Oregon, and with the sun comes summer nights, one of my favs. After work the hubby and I decided to go beer tasting & bowling(both on the list)!

Surprisingly, we had never been to Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene, we have had their beer, but never been to the actual brewery. It is in the Whiteaker district, which is actually on the come-up and has some great new local restaurants, bars and of course Ninkasi. We were really impressed with the atmosphere and prices, and had some great beers, my favorite was the seasonal Nuptial Cream Ale, but I also loved the Oatmeal Stout (I know wide variety, but I love most all beers). I can now say we have a new fav. spot for afternoon beers!

Great local brewery – also one of the largest producers of beer in Oregon with about 50,000 barrels.

Yummy beer!

Summer nights ❤

They rotate food carts on different days, super good food!

After enjoying our beer, we were feeling good and went bowling! This is on our bucket list because we used to bowl together all the time and even took a class together as an elective in college, but sadly we haven’t gone in forever.

I kicked his butt both games, but especially in the second game…. oh and ya he picked both our names, the guys at the bowling alley got a kick out of them!

It was a great and relaxing night together, we love nights like this!


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