Bucket List: #94 & #73

#94 & #73 Go to a batting cage & have an 80s/90s movie/game night –

I love baseball, and grew up playing softball but had never been to a batting cage so the hubby & I decided to be kids for the day! We found out that Kick City has cages, and that they are cheaper than the other place in the area. We both loved it and had such a great time, plus we managed to have the area to ourselves! After, Shaun kept saying we need to do that more often, that was fun, I haven’t been since I was a kid….. I love doing this together we both love!

Baseball, ❤ and sun!

After, we decided to cross another item off the list with an 80s/9os movie/game night. Little did we know this would also be a trip down memory lane! We of course had to go gather all the essential snacks for our night. It was super fun running around the store trying to remember back to all the good ol’ snacks from back in the day. Here is what we managed to come up with and we could have gotten a ton more, but this seemed like a lot of candy/drinks for 2 people already, but it was just so fun to have all this stuff again!

All set for an 80s night in!

We have tons of 80s/90s movies that surprisingly I have never seen, and it is Shaun’s goal to get me to see them all. He was quite appalled when I said I had never watched all of Top Gun, but yet we own it, so Top Gun it was… what a great movie! After Top Gun, we played a heated round of Sorry! The only things missing were the original Squeeze-Its, which were discontinued in the 2000s, and War Heads, which are still around, but we were running out of time and we had enough snacks!

Like I said, it was so neat to take a trip down memory lane, as a kid, Pop Rocks and such were a staple of every school field trip and every sleepover and it was fun to re-create these memories with the hubby.

Between the batting cages and this, it was a great day being kids again!


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