Bucket List: #45

#45 TV show marathon – 

Ok, well I guess part of this whole thing means I have to update you guys once in awhile! Life has just been so busy!

We finally got to have a TV marathon! We used to have them all the time in college, but ever since, we seem to never find the time. By TV marathon I mean get totally engrossed in a show and watch it every waking hour that we aren’t at work until finished… in college we would stay up all night doing this with the first couple seasons of Dexter, and we did it with all the seasons of LOST on Netflix as we were late “Losties.”

The show we (or he) picked was…. Firefly, we also just finished the movie, Serenity! Now, he had watched it way back when and LOVESSSS it & Serenity. I have never ever so much as thought about watching it, because in general I am not a Sci-Fi fan. But, this past Feb. we attended the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and listened to Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin talk about it all, and it sounded worth a shot, plus the hubby was just so damn excited I was willing to give it a shot. I wound up lovinggggggg it… yes you can start the nerd jokes, I don’t care – plus Joss Whedon is just a genius! I am so sad it got cancelled halfway through and I know a lot of other people are too, I bet if they re-booted it today, there would be enough fans! Oh, and did I mention the hubby bought a Jane hat at Comic Con… now he gets nerd jokes too!


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