Anniversary Decisions….

I have spent the past few hours trying to decide how we should spend our 5th wedding anniversary. Originally we had planned (and booked hotel) for a getaway to Hawaii. However, we have decided to put this vacation on hold for a few years as we are currently in the process of buying a home and would rather have the money for that as well as using some of the hubby’s vacay days to move and decorate/paint. It is a short sale…. so don’t even ask when we are getting the house! Patience is key here, which for those who know me know that this is a challenge, but nothing-less than a life lesson I guess!

Anyway this has caused us to have to book a mini getaway very last minute the weekend leading up to labor day…. uhhh ya everything is either booked or triple the normal rates, did I mention we are trying to save money?! With buying a house and heading into duck football and the holidays, we don’t want to break ourselves but we still want to have a romantic getaway. So here we are three weeks in advance trying to plan and just about everything I fall in love with is booked.

Several ideas include; NorCal beaches, San Juan Islands, Bainbridge Island, Seattle/surrounding lakes, Mt. Rainier area, Victoria BC, Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge and more all of which have great lake front cabins or romantic inns. 

Our biggest problem….. how do you decide on something when you wanna see it all? We are learning to take it one step at a time and just keep on choosing spots and eventually in life we will get to see it all (hahaha).

Our other problem is how do you book something extra-special close to home when places like the Oregon Coast are a second home to us? We want something we haven’t experienced often, which due to our constant adventures, which we love, makes this a whole lot harder.

As we googled places, I found places in Washington and Oregon I didn’t even know existed that boast romantic getaways and amazing views of the PNW beauty we are blessed with.

But really, we just want a budget-friendly, sunny, lake or ocean front romantic getaway in Oregon, NorCal or Washington where we can spend a few days escaping it all with no schedule, no where to be and not a care in the world… suggestions are welcome! 🙂