Bucket List: #14

#14 Attend my 1st Country Fair (OCF) – 

I was born in Portland, but grew up in Eugene but either way I am a true Oregonian who had never been to the famous annual Country Fair. Hundreds of people from all over the world head to Veneta for this weekend event every July. So how have I never been to this event that happens every year in my own town? Well as a kid my parents never took me and in college, I just never had the time. My husband actually grew up going to it as one of his best friend’s family runs a burrito both there and has for several decades now, so he has actually spent the whole weekend working there when he was in high school. With the exception of the heat and smell, I loved it! It was like a fairytale and so unique. Around every corner there was just so much to take in. I was amazed at how much work goes into this 3day event and how many people live for it. While it may not depict my daily lifestyle, there are so many things to love about the uniqueness of it all, and the colors… so pretty! I even managed to sport my hippie tie dye Oregon shirt!

We also got to see some friends that we don’t see enough, and Shaun was even put to work like old times in their burrito stand! Overall, it was a great day & I’m glad I got to experience it!

OCF 2012

Such a dreamworld in the midst of a forest 🙂

Loved all the art

Good day! ❤


Bucket List: #5

#5 Go on our 1st cruise –

For years we have been wanting to go on a cruise and this year we finally had the chance. Technically it was for my mom’s birthday in May, but she wanted to wait until better weather and we had a business trip in May. While Shaun and I do have dreams of cruising to Mexico and the Bahamas, our Alaskan cruise was amazing and the sights/excursions were great, I would recommend that everyone make it to Alaska one day, it is pure beauty like you have never seen everywhere you look.

Bye Bye Seattle

Although cold at times, it was still a great vacation – this is on our balcony, if you ever cruise upgrade upgrade upgrade, it is worth every penny!

The sunsets are breathtaking

Cruising the Tracy Arm Fjord… most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

So many icebergs!

Up close to a glacier in the Fjord.. the colors amaze me!

The food/desserts lived up to the hype!

Loved dressing up every night!

More amazing sunsets

Gorgeous night skies

Skagway – super cute town in the middle of the mountains

Also where we took our best & most expensive excursion – we got to canoe to the face of a glacier and play in the ice

Again with the colors

We also went to the beach at Glacier Point

& had a yummy picnic with a view, prepared for us by the locals

& saw WHALES! It was amazing to be close to these massive creatures!

so many amazing waterfalls flowing into the ocean

Togass National Park… largest National Park – again playing in the glaciers and hiking to a beautiful waterfall

so powerful

We also saw tons and tons of bald eagles!

We did have some sunny/warm days too!

Loved seeing Buchart Gardens again, a magical place!

Some other highlights included:

Formal nights ❤

Vegas style shows

& of course gambling and drinking

Overall we had an amazing trip and experience so many things we never dreamed of getting to do. Every night we had to sit back and try and take in everything we had just done. It was also amazing to really immerse ourselves in the culture and history of Alaska and we hope to go back soon. We both love nature, and so for us this was an amazing experience!

Great day

It is Friday & 60 degrees/sunny…. I scored four pairs of Se7en jeans for a total of $125… I got to wear my cute, new Jimmy Choo heels…. my boss LOVED the first draft of my current project and left me a voicemail and then went out of his way to come tell me he thought it was perfect….. I took the dogs on a nice walk on the waterfront…. the plans for my 2nd Vegas trip in two months are finalized….. and I am going to Happy Hour/Beer & Wine festival with good friends here in a bit… TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

Oh, and I hung out with my apartment’s adopted squirrel… I named him Chester… He eats out of our hands & lets us hold him!

Much needed girls getaway

The bestie, her sis (who is like a lil sis to me) and I headed out for a SNOW adventure! We woke up with a dusting here on the valley floor, but we wanted more….

Oh && FRIED PICKELS, which sound gross but are AMAZING! (Hooters was my 1st experience with fried pickles).

Great day with great girls!