Bucket List: #5

#5 Go on our 1st cruise –

For years we have been wanting to go on a cruise and this year we finally had the chance. Technically it was for my mom’s birthday in May, but she wanted to wait until better weather and we had a business trip in May. While Shaun and I do have dreams of cruising to Mexico and the Bahamas, our Alaskan cruise was amazing and the sights/excursions were great, I would recommend that everyone make it to Alaska one day, it is pure beauty like you have never seen everywhere you look.

Bye Bye Seattle

Although cold at times, it was still a great vacation – this is on our balcony, if you ever cruise upgrade upgrade upgrade, it is worth every penny!

The sunsets are breathtaking

Cruising the Tracy Arm Fjord… most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

So many icebergs!

Up close to a glacier in the Fjord.. the colors amaze me!

The food/desserts lived up to the hype!

Loved dressing up every night!

More amazing sunsets

Gorgeous night skies

Skagway – super cute town in the middle of the mountains

Also where we took our best & most expensive excursion – we got to canoe to the face of a glacier and play in the ice

Again with the colors

We also went to the beach at Glacier Point

& had a yummy picnic with a view, prepared for us by the locals

& saw WHALES! It was amazing to be close to these massive creatures!

so many amazing waterfalls flowing into the ocean

Togass National Park… largest National Park – again playing in the glaciers and hiking to a beautiful waterfall

so powerful

We also saw tons and tons of bald eagles!

We did have some sunny/warm days too!

Loved seeing Buchart Gardens again, a magical place!

Some other highlights included:

Formal nights ❤

Vegas style shows

& of course gambling and drinking

Overall we had an amazing trip and experience so many things we never dreamed of getting to do. Every night we had to sit back and try and take in everything we had just done. It was also amazing to really immerse ourselves in the culture and history of Alaska and we hope to go back soon. We both love nature, and so for us this was an amazing experience!


Bucket List: #50 & #4

2 out of 5 new breweries & get back into bowling together –

It is FINALLY summer time in Oregon, and with the sun comes summer nights, one of my favs. After work the hubby and I decided to go beer tasting & bowling(both on the list)!

Surprisingly, we had never been to Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene, we have had their beer, but never been to the actual brewery. It is in the Whiteaker district, which is actually on the come-up and has some great new local restaurants, bars and of course Ninkasi. We were really impressed with the atmosphere and prices, and had some great beers, my favorite was the seasonal Nuptial Cream Ale, but I also loved the Oatmeal Stout (I know wide variety, but I love most all beers). I can now say we have a new fav. spot for afternoon beers!

Great local brewery – also one of the largest producers of beer in Oregon with about 50,000 barrels.

Yummy beer!

Summer nights ❤

They rotate food carts on different days, super good food!

After enjoying our beer, we were feeling good and went bowling! This is on our bucket list because we used to bowl together all the time and even took a class together as an elective in college, but sadly we haven’t gone in forever.

I kicked his butt both games, but especially in the second game…. oh and ya he picked both our names, the guys at the bowling alley got a kick out of them!

It was a great and relaxing night together, we love nights like this!

Bucket List: #50

1 out of 5 new breweries –

This past week we were in Alaska on a cruise and while on an excursion in Skagway, we learned that there is a local beer there brewed with spruce tips instead of hops and of course we had to try it! We actually met some of the locals who harvest the spruce tips in return for kegs, they live in Glacier Point, which has a population of 8! They were super nice people and it was really neat to get to experience something so local and cultural. Once back in town from our excursion we stopped by the Skagway Brewery to have some Alaskan beer!

The Spruce tip was great as well as all the other beers we tasted, definitely a great first brewery experience for the summer list!

Summer 2012: Bucket List

I am super excited about this already crazy-busy summer because it is our 1st summer without any feeling of the college life. While I loved college, I am really excited to be part of the grown up business world. Last summer, I graduated in June, and while some might say that would of been a great summer to go crazy, the husband and I were living in Portland, struggling to find full-time jobs and when we did find them, we decided to move back to Eugene for them and to settle back home. We did manage to get in 2 amazing Vegas trips and a Cali/Disney trip in, but this summer I want to focus on finally being able to do some of the things we have been wanting to do for years together, we just never had the time and/or money, so I am making a summer “bucket list.” This idea came to me after a friend made hers, and has actually been sticking to it, getting to do some pretty neat things. Our list is in no particular order and contains things we both have been wanting to do for awhile now!

  1. Go to a drive-in movie! This has been on my list for probably 20 years, and the hubby’s for awhile now too.
  2. Ride a tandem bike
  3. Finally eat at PCG, even though we lived there and visit all time we have managed to never go!
  4. Get back into bowling together! We used to bowl a lot, in fact, we even took a class together at Lane.
  5. Go on our 1st cruise
  6. Stay in a yurt
  7. Go on a jetboat excursion
  8. Finally see Crater Lake together! I have been, and we tried to go together last year… but needless to say March is not the time to go!
  9. Read/Watch Lord of the Rings together… well I will read them and watch for the 1st time, he will just re-watch!
  10. Start working on his US Navy shadow box together!
  11. Hike Mt. Pisgah, we have hiked everywhere else in Eugene, but this one!
  12. Carve our initials somewhere special
  13. Make homemade ice cream together
  14. Attend my 1st Country Fair
  15. Eat at 5 new places in Eugene, seriously we have some great food around here that we need to experience 
  16. Romantic picnic in the forest
  17. SEW MORE!
  18. Have all our xmas gifts done by Dec. 1, this means starting now! In years past we have been sooooooo last minute, and this year we really want to take the time to put thought into everyone’s gifts and hand make as many as we can
  19. Organize all our cards to/from each other over the past 6 years (thanks Pinterest for some great ideas on this one)
  20. Make something out of the old pallets we have been collecting (again, thanks Pinterest)
  21. Learn how to make Chinese food! We both love Chinese, and while we won’t ever give up going out (or having it delivered), we would love to be able to make it too!
  22. Take the ferry from Seattle to Victoria or BC
  23. Eat at Camp 18
  24. Go to Bend/Sisters, we have only ever driven through
  25. Stay at a bed & breakfast
  26. Buy ingredients from the Farmer’s Market, and come home and make a meal using them
  27. Go berry picking
  28. Go wine tasting
  29. See a Shakespeare play and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Oregon
  30. Find all the ducks on parade (the ones still around that is)
  31. Try a new kind of food at a new restaurant
  32. Go dancing
  33. Play bingo
  34. Fly kites
  35. Take an art class
  36. Ride the new Seattle Ferris Wheel
  37. Attend a Mariner game, and cheer for the Mariners for the hubby (this can only be done when not playing the YANKEES)
  38. Visit Gasworks park
  39. Find the Goonies house
  40. Stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel
  41. Visit Thor’s Well
  42. Visit a Ghost Town
  43. Underground Tour in Seattle
  44. Go to a water park (no, Amazon pool does not count)
  45. TV show marathon, we used to have these all the time some of the best were LOST, HOUSE, Dexter and the Walking Dead
  46. Go on a random drive with no plans and see where the day takes us
  47. Eat at a fondue restaurant
  48. Visit a museum
  49. Ride the Portland Aerial Tram
  50. Go to at least 5 new breweries
  51. See a show at a McMenamins establishment
  52. Go see a live band at a local bar
  53. Go to a concert, we love going, but went all last summer without attending one
  54. Go to the Oregon State Fair, we have gone to the LCF every year, but never the OSF
  55. Be kids again and spend a day at Enchanted Forest
  56. Finish at least 1 DIY project every week
  57. Night out at the Electric Station/5th street area, we have gone several times, but never just us
  58. Start out our morning with fresh pastries from a bakery
  59. Eat at Track Town Pizza
  60. Go chocolate tasting
  61. Drive the entire OR coast highway
  62. Visit long beach, WA, the world’s longest beach
  63. Build a sandcastle
  64. Visit the Prehistoric Gardens
  65. Trail of 10 Falls Loop
  66. See as many waterfalls as we can!
  67. See the Spruce Goose, I have seen it, hubby hasn’t
  68. Try a new food
  69. Visit Belknap Hot Springs
  70. Paddleboat together
  71. Go to the rock slides at Triangle Lake
  72. Visit at least 5 historic sites in Oregon
  73. Have a 80s/90s movie/game night
  74. Portland dinner cruise
  75. Participate in an art walk
  76. See an IMAX movie
  77. Go to a shooting range, I’ve never shot a real gun!
  78. Watch the sunrise and set in one day
  79. Kiss under a waterfall
  80. Go skinny dipping
  81. Tie dye shirts
  82. Complete a puzzle
  83. Go to a barcade
  84. Watch each other’s favorite childhood movies while in our PJs all day
  85. Play chess, he loves chess and I have never played… it is time to learn
  86. Teach each other something new
  87. Stargazing
  88. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  89. Go to a new park
  90. Visit our state capital building
  91. Spend all day at the movie theatre seeing back-t0-back features
  92. Play tourist in our own city
  93. Restaurant crawl
  94. Go to a batting cage
  95. Hit up a flea market
  96. Attend each theme night at dif. bars… taco tues, etc.
  97. Eat at a rooftop restaurant or bar
  98. Make our own pizza
  99. Spend a day exploring the Gorge
  100. Visit the Salem waterfront/ride the Willamette Queen

I will blog about each one as we do them! We can’t wait to see what this summer has in store.

Spring Quilt Market 2012 – Kansas City

Due to the fact that I have not yet created a sewing/quilting blog (it is on my list), I am posting about my Quilt Market experience here on my personal blog. At first I was worried because I see all the AMAZING sewing/quilting blogs/bloggers out there and felt that my personal blog is totally lame, but I now have the inspiration I need to move creating my blog to the top of my list, and this post will move on over to the new blog! Oh, and I am open to hearing tips, hints and more from all you fellow bloggers!

Let me start out by saying I really wish there were 5 of me, and Quilt Market only validated that thought! My personal creating/designing/blogging was put on hold last year while I took my mom’s business online! YAY! While it has been an amazing experience and great for business (it really took off and we are so happy), it has meant putting my own work aside, but hopefully over the summer I can get back on track with that as well! *fingers crossed* In addition to the online business, we run a storefront as well as do customer sewing and alterations, last month’s big project was sewing dressed for Ballet Fantastique’s Cinderella!

Anyway moving on………… Spring Quilt Market 2012 – my 1st Market! 

I grew up in the business and have been to many trade shows, but never Market, and I was dying to go.

After a long day of travel beginning at 4am, we arrived in Kansas City just in time to make it to the FabShop dinner with moderator Laurie Harsh and panelists from Moda and more! Dinner was great, the panels were amazing and so informational and of course the door prizes and freebies were simply out of this world. I scored a few goodies that really helped get Market started off on a great note.

Like these great fat quarter bundles from Stella, I can’t wait to put them to good use!

I made a few great connections at the dinner, and am really glad to be apart of the FabShop network.

Market: Day 1


My mom has been raving about Schoolhouse for years, and I am happy to report she was right. It was a long and intense day (we did all 15), and it reminded me of college all over again, but it was such a great experience! I am not going to blog about every session, but they were all great.

Tula Pink and I after her great Schoolhouse session – I am so happy I got to meet her, she is simply amazing!

Totally crushing over Nightshade!

We all know what QR codes are, and I use them everyday, but a QR code quilt?! This sent chills up my spine – I am so excited to see the social media/tech world blend in with the quilting world!

Pretty much!

Robert Kaufman Kona Solids & We Love Color book session – I cannot wait to start some of the quilts from the book!

Love the colors

This doesn’t even begin to cover my Schoolhouse experience, but my notepad is at work, so I will add in some more re-cap tomorrow!

Food? Did anyone else have time for that? We managed to get a bite in at the Power & Lights district before heading back for……. SAMPLE SPREE! Oh man, as a first time market attendee, sample spree was a must, the only thing I can compare it to is Black Friday for Quilters! Doors opened at 8, and we got in the massive line around 6:30, luckily I had some quilt books to keep me entertained! I had given myself a budget, which was seriously gone in all of 5 minutes at the first stop, but who needs a budget anyways? I got some great steals!

Kona obsessed

Small part of my haul!

AMAZING 1st day!

Market: Day 2

I had an 8am Take & Teach class on appliquéing, which was pretty good and then the show floors opened! Our 1st appointment was with Michael Miller, their lines never disappoint & I cannot wait to get our fabrics in. I am loving;

Sarah Jane: Out to Sea, Ahoy Matey, Prepster Stripes, Contemporary Florals & of course Pierre’s Famous Circus. 

The booth was also simply amazing & the color wall was spot on with the modern trends and colors – to re-iterate what we already knew, coral is here for awhile and along with it comes teal & navy and yellow & gray, and I am loving them all!

Circus elephants all the way from the NY office prop department

Love it!

Color board wall, so inspiring!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt like the days went by so fast, I feel like the show floor opened and closed within minutes of each other. We spent the rest of the day visiting different booths and of course BUYING fabric, I am so excited to start getting some it it in!

One of our biggest sellers, both in-store and online is Loralie Harris & it was so great to meet her and see her new work. I also got to chat with Vanessa Christenson, designer of the Simply Color line for Moda and author of Make it Sew Modern. Like me, she grew up around sewing but put it on the back burner during high school and college, got married and picked it up again – it was truly inspiring to chat with her and see that it is not to late just because I am 24 and just getting back into it all. I am also very excited for her new line to come into our store in October!

Fav quilt I want to make next – Vanessa Christenson

Another line for Moda I fell in love with was ZenChic and of course we ordered patterns and fabric galore, also coming in October (all this just in time for my birthday)!

Designer for ZenChic

I am loving all the ZenChic quilts, can it be October?

Another highlight from the floor was Art Gallery Fabric’s what I call Wall of Color, seriously breathtaking. We are planning to adopt a similar idea into our shop this summer!

Seriously, just breathtaking!

& of course no day would be complete without a stop by Riley Blake!

Never disappointing!

I am and have been obsessing over the Riley Blake Chevron and Ombre Dots, we have some in-store and of course ordered more! The vinyl is also on my wishlist!

To-die-for, need I say more?

As a closet nerd, I was ecstatic to see some nerdiness at Market – I am currently waiting on our Star Wars fabrics!

I also grew up with a love of Peanuts, and it is a fabric line that has and is doing well in our shop and online. I love the Project Linus campaign and am happy to see Quilting Treasures promoting it like they are, we cannot wait to get the line in stock.

Market: Days 3 & 4

Yes, it took us two more days to finish our shopping – every booth was just so amazing I could have spent a day at each one!

Got to meet Amy Butler, I love her and all her work! I am so excited for her new line!

& of course Tula Pink’s booth was out of this world (partial booth photo as my phone was out of memory).

Awesome make-and-take project at The Quilted Fish booth using Riley’s Blake’s Apple of my Eye line. I am pretty sure we will be offering project workshops for this awesome flower necklace!

The Checker booth demonstrations were great, and I won this awesome pattern and bought the new circle rulers from Creative Grids, cannot wait to get to work!

Other highlights 

In our rare free time, we took some time to explore the area and be tourists!

For a book junkie like myself, the Kansas City Library is a must-see!

We took some time to drive to Independence where we visited the Truman House and a couple museums including the beginning of the Oregon Trail exhibit.

Country Club Plaza – mini Rodeo Drive and my fav. area

but with Cinderella carriage rides!

My iPhone 4s’s version of the solar eclipse – country club plaza

& of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without some Kansas City BBQ, especially for us West Coasters who have never had “real” BBQ!

It took me quite a few days to get over the famous Market hangover/fog, but I think I am finally processing everything. I am truly happy I got to experience this wonderful event, and I look forward to many more in the future. While overwhelming at first, I am finally organizing my thoughts and ideas, and have many changes/updates to come this summer both for me personally and for the business! 

Like I said, a professional blog is coming where I will probably go into greater detail about some of the highlights as well as add more about the Schoolhouse sessions! But for now, we will see everyone in Houston!

Peace in the middle of chaos

I really don’t mean to go a month without a post, but I am just so busy living life. These past few months and the months to come will be some of the busiest months of my life, but in a great way! I am sooooooooo happy with all the opportunities I have right now with the business and while I have made a decision to start giving up some play time for added work time, I know in the end it will be worth it! Anyway, don’t worry, we will still always find time for our getaways!

A couple weekends ago, we got the chance to go stay at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s AMAZING cabin up the Mckenzie. It is seriously one of the most amazing and tranquil places I have stayed at. It is right on the river and we spent all weekend with the sound of the roaring rapids and chirping birds! It was a much-needed mini getaway from everything. To often we get caught up and bogged down with work and other life stress, and sometimes it is just crucial to getaway. We spent a lot of time hiking and exploring the area, cooking meals together and reading on the back porch over the river. It was absolute bliss. It gave us time to re-connect and most importantly we got to spend hours discussing where we are now and what we want to accomplish in the near future. We also talked a lot about the future of my business.

Here are some pics of our weekend –

View off the screened in back porch

I want to live here!

Seriously, if you are feeling stressed or worn out from the everyday chaos, go out and enjoy nature for a day!

If you live around here, you have most likely heard of Cougar hot springs, a beautiful but very very uh hippie environment. I have always wanted to go, and all my friends go and love it, but I have never been brave enough to try it, I am a slight germ-a-phobe but I decided to take the plunge. We were told if we came out about 8am that we would not be surrounded with the mass crowds that come in the afternoons. There were a few people there at 8am, but it was a very relaxing and clean experience.

Hot springs

For lunch we ate a Takoda’s (we have been hearing amazing reviews for years) and it was just that… amazing! The weather was perfect and we sat outside in their tranquil garden area and enjoyed local cuisine and drinks soaking up the sun.

I am so lucky to have a guy who is my best friend and more, who enjoys these trips as much as I do and sees the value of taking time to disconnect from the world and everyone and just enjoy each other! ❤ 

Oregon Discoveries #1

In my last post I mentioned that this year in addition to visiting our favorite local spots, we are going to explore the many wonderful new places around us. I am going to blog about each place so that everyone else can go a discover it too!

We finally got a break from the sun a few weekends ago and the hubby and I decided to just go for a drive. We started by going south on I5, and wound up in Coos Bay (we have never been south of Florence together as far as the Oregon Coast in concerned). It is like a mini SF, in fact, they call themselves the Bay Area of Oregon. Thanks to Pinterest, I had discovered this amazing beach –

Cape Arago, Coos Bay OR

We continued on down and stumbled across an amazing Wildlife Park that we had never heard of before where you could play with baby lions, leopards, bears and more. It was so fun, I was in heaven, Shaun loved it too!

Oh ya, I also got a ride a camel!

We also stopped in Bandon for lunch and a stroll though Old Town, neither of us had been there either.

Such great artwork in Bandon, we loved Old Town!

It was such a great way to spend the day with the guy I love most!