Thankful Day 25

Oh my goodness, today I am thankful for the fact that I have MORALS!!!!!!!! Yes people, morals!

I have gone black friday shopping every years since I was a kid, but every year it seems to be getting worse and worse! Seriously people, waiting in your car watching the lines wrap around the stores and everyone standing out in the freezing cold/pouring down rain and then waiting in your car and trying to jump in the front at opening is NOT cool! I know it will always happen, but I just stand back knowing that we have morals – and guess what? We got everything we wanted, and were in line to check out before some of you cheaters!

On a different note, I am also thankful for my Kitchenaid that my mommy got me a few years ago for black friday, just cause! Seriously, a life saver! Mine is plain white, and as I see the colored ones out, I like them but still love mine!

Every year I see them “not on sale in my book” and just smile happily knowing mine is at home!


Thankful Day 24 & Happy Thanksgiving

I know, a day late, but that just means I was busy preparing for and enjoying thanksgiving before the madness of shopping began! I have seriously been going for about 3 days now!

Today I don’t even know where to begin! I am just thankful for EVERYTHING/EVERYONE in my life. Seriously, although of course there are things I want, when I sit back and really think about it, I am so blessed and perfectly content with life right now! I am lucky to have such an amazing husband who shows his love for me everyday, family, in-laws, friends, pets & more! We are lucky to both have cars, jobs & for the most part good health. We are in escrow with one house and have another rental property. We get to travel together and with family and friends! So, today I am just thankful for everything in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful Days 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23

I know, I know sooooooooo behind… but life has been crazy!!

Day 19: I am thankful for all my amazing friends, new and old! I seriously love you guys! My life would not be complete without each and every one of you! Not only am I thankful for my friends before I met my hubby, but I am thankful that with him I inherited an AMAZING group of the best friends anyone could ask for!

Day 20: I am thankful for seasons! I always grumble and say I wanna live elsewhere, but really Oregon seasons are just perfect for me! There is something I love about each season, and I love that we get fall, winter, spring and summer and they are distinct.

Day 21: I am thankful for my brother! Although we did not exactly grow up together as he spent most of his childhood with his dad in Texas, and now lives in LA, I cherish the times we did have/have now and how close we have become, I love you lil’ “big” bro.

Taking him to Hooters for the first time this summer in Cali

Day 22: I am thankful for my creative side – not trying to tout my own horn (and compared to some, I am hardly creative), but I really am thankful that I was born/raised in a creative environment!

Day 23: I am thankful for BOOTS! Seriously, I haven’t worn anything else since September. While I love summer shoes and cute sandals/heels, I LOVEEEEEEEEE boots!


Thankful Day 18

Today I am thankful for my iphone and the other technology I use daily. People can hate all they want, but I love Apple products, not because they are “cool” but because of my design interests/uses and how they function. My phone acts as my personal assistant, it is my planner, my shopping list, my email – everything! I feel lost without it for even an hour! I am also thankful for my iPad 2, macbook and my 27″ iMac, I know not everyone can afford Apple products, and I am grateful for mine! In addition, I am thankful for the new IOS that allows me to use my phone/ipad to remote in and fully use either of my computers even though I am miles away, seriously the best app yet! I know a lot of people don’t get why I love Apple, but I don’t care, this post is not to try and persuade people to like it too, but to simply express that I am thankful for Apple products and the technology that comes with them!

Thankful Day 17

Today I’m thankful for weekends! Having a job that is M-F, I look forward to my weekends! In college I liked the weekends because of the partying/stuff to do, but I never really looked forward to them because to me they weren’t a break, just more time to do massive amounts of homework while trying to have a social life, weekends were actually quite stressful. But post grad, I have come to loveeeeeee my weekends. They are when my hubby and I can relax (some weekends are still crazy) and focus on each other and hang out with friends and family! We also catch up on movies, TV, housework and shopping, and of course during fall weekends = football! It is just a great feeling that no matter how stressful/crazy the week gets for us, we will have time to catch a breath on the weekend.

Thankful Days 15 & 16

For day 15 I am thankful for the opportunity I had to grow up surrounded by fabrics and crafts! As a kid I loved sewing and crafting, and loved the fact that I have a mom who owns an entire shop full of goodies for me to chose from! As I got older, I got to attend the wholesale shows and help pick out what we stock (I became a buyer at age 13). Sadly during high school and the first part of college I quit focusing my attention on crafting and sewing and focused on partying and nonsense, but growing up has made me realize how much I missed and LOVE crafting! Not only do I have all the fabric and supplies at my fingertips,  but it also is supplying me with a great job, which I love and is more of a hobby to me! I get to spend my days working aka sewing, crafting and running the online business! I am thankful that in this economy, I have a job that I truly LOVE and that isn’t going anywhere!

My thankful for day 16 goes along with day 15. I am thankful for all the travel opportunities I have had/have and the people in my life who love to travel just like me! I mentioned in day 15 that I got to attend wholesale shows as a registered buyer, and those wholesale shows are probably what started my travel addiction! The main shows we went to every year were Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Then we would pick one big one every year to attend in places like LA, Florida, Texas and more, I had been to Vegas 18 times before I was 21 (but what fun is that right?). The shows are amazing….. you walk into ballrooms full of vendors each selling thousands of fabrics and crafts – it looked like a fantasy world especially in the rooms with the sparkle fabrics! We were always representing the “small” shop population, but there were stylists and designers from NY, LA, Paris and more – every show starts with a fashion show of the latest lines and sample sales of runway merchandise at wholesale prices! There are free workshops, classes and projects as well. During these business trips, we always had a few days to play as well, which meant Disneyland, Disneyworld, Six Flags, shopping in the city, museums, beach days and more. Luckily, I married a man who shares my love of traveling (he had grandparents who traveled with him as well) and we will continue our travels together, as well as the business trips with my parents. We love VEGAS, and will continue to go every year, but next on our non-business trip list is Harry Potter World in FL and an Ireland/England trip to see his family/heritage and of course Ireland!

I want to be here now!

Thankful Days 11, 12, 13 & 14

Again, I apologize for being SO bad at this, having the flu for 4 days really takes a toll on a person.

Day 11, also 11/11/11 and Veteran’s Day! Today I am thankful for ALL our vets and everyone currently serving our country, including my wonderful hubby! Seriously, words cannot even describe my thanks and appreciation. I think we often take for granted the hard work and sacrifice that goes into keeping this country what it is and us free. Again, thank you guys!

My hubby and his rack buddy, seriously that is where they lived when out to sea! YIKES!

Out to sea

Again, thank you to all!

Day 12, I am thankful to be a part of these two very special little girls lives! Yesterday was little miss Leana’s 4th bday (seriously seems like yesterday I was holding her at the hospital), and today was her birthday party. Not only am I “aunt” Shawna, but I get to babysit these cuties 4 days a week, I have had so much fun watching them grow and learn something new everyday. They are so smart and amaze me! I can’t wait to have kids of my own, and I know these girls will be great leaders for my kids!

Day 13, I am thankful for LAZY sundays! Seriously, today was PERFECT, especially after being sick and needing a day to to recoup. On Friday, I got HP Lego 5-7 and the hubby got Skyrim. Sunday we woke up and had a gaming/reading day with the exception of our daily walk and a break to get Mongolian to go! We are still trying to beat HP Lego 1-4 as we have had it FOREVER, but only played a couple times (life was busy this year). My loving hubby gave up Skyrim time to play HP with me (he does love all the Lego games too), as I am trying to hurry and beat it so we can start the new one! Some sundays we are super busy, other sundays we use for errands/catching up on housework but this sunday was all about being lazy, something which is rare for us actually, and I loved every minute of it!

Day 14, I am thankful for my doggies! I just love them! They are like kids to us, seriously, they even each have a bucket of clothes! But this week while sick, they were there for me, laying by my side and looking up at me making sure I was ok. I seriously don’t know what I would do without these two furry critters…. and since we live with my parents for the next couple weeks, their dog (who I grew up with, so my childhood dog was right there with them at my side, I just love him too). I love cuddling up with a good book with these two at my feet! And for the months that I lived here and the hubby lived in PDX, they seriously kept me sane and helped me feel less lonely!

My two critters

My two plus Teddy